Julie Okahara



 Kolobee Project

Welcome to the world with Kolobee! Kolobee are here to make our world a bit happier and brighter ;)
They are like fairies! So if you believe in them, you can find them! In the woods, the river, the city, the museum, your cubbies.. they are everywhere!


Each Kolobee has unique personality, like you and me!

Some Kolobee like to hangout inside and relax with you, others like to go out and explore the world with you. Maybe they enjoy both! Who knows! Check out what kind of adventures they have done here~.


Some Kolobee are looking for a friend to hangout with everyday!

Would you like to give a Kolobee a special home and a lot of love?? They will love you back and be with you to make your world brighter!