Julie Okahara


Fluffington's Magical Stickers | Sticker Sheet (4x6)

Fluffington's Magical Stickers | Sticker Sheet (4x6)


** This is pre-order. **
Please note the sticker sheets won’t be shipped until the beginning of November. Or it will be available for pick up at TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego.

This 4x6 sticker sheet comes with 4 fluffington stickers (about 1.75"/45mm tall), 4 small stickers (about 0.75"/20mm tall), and 15 tiny ingredients stickers! 

The ingredients stickers are perfect for our Spellbook! They will help you keep your recipe organized ;) Check out the Spellbook here!
They are also great for decorating your notebook, laptop, cell phone, plastic organizers, and more!

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