Julie Okahara



Terms of Service for Julieee’s Twitch Emotes/Sub Badges Commissions

  1. Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, I own all rights to the artwork(s) completed.

  2. I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission, If a commission has already been paid for that is then canceled by me, a refund proportionate to the work not yet completed will be issued.

  3. You retain the right to use artwork for branding (emotes, banners, panels, profile pictures) but cannot reproduce commercially (merchandise such as apparel, stickers, etc) unless negotiated and agreed to beforehand.

  4. You are not allowed to claim the artwork as your own and must give due credit when my artwork is shared or displayed.

  5. You are not allowed to alter or trace over the artwork for any reason. (i.e., creating additional emotes from the commissioned one without permission) Please ask if you need changes made to the artwork.

  6. If you cancel after sketches have been already made, you must compensate 50% of the commission rate.

  7. Once the artwork has been lined and/or colored, only minor revisions will be allowed or else you may be charged additional fees.

  8. Commissions under $100 must be paid up front before any work is done. 

  9. Commissions over $100 must be paid at least a half of the total payment up front before any work is done. The rest of payment can be paid at the end.

  10. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my terms and conditions which are subject to change at any time.

Payment method

  1. Payments are accepted via PayPal invoicing, unless another method is agreed upon.

  2. Commission will not be finalized until full payment is received.

  3. All prices listed are in USD


  1. All Twitch emotes are digitally drawn for 112px x 112px, therefore if you do plan on using them for other branding or promotional purposes, please talk to me beforehand, so we can adjust to a larger file size.

  2. For emote commissions, you will receive 28px x 28px, 56px x 56px, and 112px x 112px files in .png

  3. For sub badge commissions, you will receive 18px x 18px, 36px x 36px, and 72px x72px files in .png